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Ironically, dealers spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, yet only a minimal amount on answering and following-up the calls those efforts generate. These warm leads – inherently closer to making a purchase – offer the greatest sales value. Optimizing connections with these high-quality, low-funnel prospects is what Blueprint SalesMastery is all about.

Blueprint SalesMastery bridges the gap between a customer’s online and in-store experience. Equipped with the right technology and training, the goal is not to sell the vehicle, but to sell the appointment. SalesMastery helps agents communicate a sense of comfort, intelligence or urgency, as the situation demands. This serves to affirm the reasons to visit the dealership. Not just any dealership, mind you, but your dealership.

Set Your Salespeople Free

A recent study by HubSpot* reveals that over 40% of salespeople consider prospecting is the most challenging part of sales. What’s more, dealership sales staff spend just 33% of each day actually talking to prospects.

Given these statistics, SalesMastery prospecting and appointment setting services save a considerable amount of a salesperson’s time, freeing them up to do what they do best – in-person relationship building and selling.

SalesMastery™ is designed to help dealerships:

  • Maximize return on advertising spend
  • Provide prospects with an informative, confidence-building experience
  • Convert more conversations into appointments and showroom traffic
  • Optimize BDC policies, processes and procedures
  • Increase the dealership sales and revenue

*Hubspot Sales Statistics study


Monitors, tracks and measures call handling and performance to ensure consistent maximizing of revenue opportunities.

BDC Accelerator

Ultra-fast power dialer leaves perfect pre-recorded custom voicemail, speeding the move to next outbound call.


The industry’s only knowledge-based software featuring hundreds of answers to common FAQs for confident appointment booking.

We’ve helped configure, optimize and train BDCs for more than 25 years,
serving more than 1,000 dealers along the way.

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