About the Dealership

Calgary-based South Trail Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram Superstore treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. This commitment to excellence earned them the “Consumer Choice Award” in 2019 for Southern Alberta. They opened their doors on February 1st, 2016 and implemented the wiADVISOR Program in 2018.


wiADVISOR has been integral to implementing a consistent process in the service lane and has generated impressive results. 

From the Dealership

“The wiADVISOR platform has transformed our service drive by allowing customers to have a more active and dynamic drop-off experience. Increased trust is by far the best benefit of wiADVISOR, as it allows customers to be much more involved in the check-in process. Consistently presenting factory recommended services for their vehicle creates greater transparency and makes them feel less like there are being ‘sold’ services.”

“Our write-up process has been streamlined and getting information to the Technicians has vastly improved since installing the wiADVISOR program. “Podding” our customers’ vehicles not only ensures accurate VIN write-up, but forces recalls, RRTs and codes present to be alerted to the Technician via the FCA Service Library. This gives the Technician a more informed view of the vehicle’s condition and increases the ‘Fixed Right the First Time” rate. ”

“I would highly recommend wiADVISOR to any dealership management team due to the enormous value the program brings to a dealership’s fixed operations.”

“We have already seen a 25% increase in CP sales since implementing the wiADVISOR program. It’s simple – get wiADVISOR or be left in the dust!”

Matthew Sheppard-Brown, Assistant Service Manager
South Trail Chrysler Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Calgary, AB

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Dealer-FX is proud to power the wiADVISOR Program. Get in touch with us today to experience a live demo of wiADVISOR.

What is the ROI on your service marketing efforts?

Now is the time to capitalize on all revenue opportunities. If you aren’t following up with every customer that declines services, misses appointments, is overdue for service, or is not returning for service, you are losing out.

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  • How Total Service Marketing teaches your customers to return, builds loyalty and increases revenue
  • Why Dealer-FX’s data gives you the best ROI
  • How you can leverage our marketing experts to deliver results for your dealership today

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Getting customers to make an appointment is the first and most important step toward service success. It starts with a simple and consistent approach to appointment setting. It’s the first customer interaction – making it vitally important, whether the appointment is booked online or over the phone.

According to a J.D. Power Customer Service Index Survey, 28% of consumers prefer to book online, but about 45% do not know that booking online is an option. 

1. Introduce Online Scheduling as Part of New Vehicle Delivery

Show every new customer your website, walk them through how to make their first appointment online, and give them a reminder card. In addition to this, you should walk every new customer over to the Service Department and introduce them to the Service Manager.

2. Promote Online Scheduling

The study found that customers who schedule online, book an average of $24 in additional factory recommended maintenance. If more customers booked their appointments online, you would see a significant increase in service revenue. Be sure to tell every customer that they can book their next appointment online at every touchpoint.

Point of Sale (POS) materials like tent cards, window clings and reminder cards are great ways to let customers know that online scheduling is an option.

3. Be Professional

Service” is not an appropriate way to answer calls. Thank the customer for calling your dealership, identify yourself and ask, ”How may I help you?” Try to answer every call by the fourth ring!

4. Understand the Customer’s Concerns

Check the vehicle history and get background information. Is this a repeat visit? Are they coming in for maintenance only? Listen to their concerns – let them be heard. If you listen during the appointment setting process, it will have a positive impact on your fixed first visit numbers.

5. Advise the Customer on Required Maintenance

Send every customer a copy of the Maintenance Menu with the current maintenance interval, so they know what to expect before they check-in for service. Your customers will appreciate the transparency. and will be able to plan ahead.

Consistency Drives Results

The appointment setting process is the beginning of the service experience at your dealership. Follow these best practices consistently and you’ll increase online bookings, improve the efficiency of your shop, and increase customer satisfaction

What’s Next?

Learn how ONE Platform can provide an end-to-end digital service experience to your customers and help your dealership adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

During this unprecedented time, Dealer-FX is committed to providing our dealers with the support, tools, and resources that they need to be successful. That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Dealer-FX Learning Academy.

With the rapidly evolving challenges that your business is facing, it’s more important than ever to focus on continuing education to bridge the skills gap and adapt to this new environment.

Our new learning platform features an interactive dashboard where service personnel can view any courses that they have enrolled in, a personalized course calendar, and a robust catalog of training that is available for them to take at any time.

Benefits include:

  • A self-paced learning environment that is available 24/7
  • A great resource for best practices
  • The ‘go-to’ place for interactive product walk-throughs
  • Courses designed to suit different learning styles
  • Options to retake past courses if a refresher is needed
  • Ability to view courses on mobile devices, for added convenience

The new Dealer-FX Learning Academy gives Service Managers and their teams the ability to become more proficient with each application, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and increasing service revenue.

To learn more about the Dealer-FX Learning Academy, contact our Support Team or speak to your Process Consultant.

Dealer-FX’s Experience package was recently launched with two goals in mind:  Making appointment scheduling and service check-in easy for the vehicle owner, and enabling simple appointment management and customer communication for the dealership.

We sat down for a Q&A session with our Chief Technology Officer, Alan Fong, to get his thoughts on how this new program benefits dealers and their customers. 

Dealer-FX has a vision to re-invent automotive software. What does that mean to you?

Alan Fong: Re-inventing automotive software at Dealer-FX is centered around re-inventing the perspective of who we are as an organization and who we are creating solutions for.

Today, vehicle owners expect the same kind of service experience from their dealership that is offered by non-traditional services like Apple, Amazon, Uber…and the list goes on. 
For Dealer-FX, it’s about re-inventing the service concept by making it transparent and easy to use. It’s about re-inventing how and where to create value in the service process by focusing on the key users involved.  We do this by describing the customer service journey, enabled by the complete integration of all touchpoints throughout this journey, whether it be at home, the office or at the dealership. 

At the end of it all, it’s about making the inconvenient, convenient.  Let’s call this the “Experience” (which just so happens to be the same name of our new product offering!).

What are the core benefits of Experience and what value do these benefits bring to the dealership and its customers?

Alan Fong: Expectations from customers are changing as the boundaries between physical and digital, business and personal continue to blur. It is normal for a customer to expect that they can use their personal mobile phone throughout the entire service experience – scheduling an appointment, making changes to their service needs, digitally checking-in to a dealership, and signing and paying for their service  – all through their mobile phone, without ever having to wait in line or talk to a live person (unless it’s necessary for more complex service appointments!).

The launch of Experience is perfect for these challenging times that we are going through today. Experience allows for a true contactless service process. It provides all the benefits that you would expect from an advanced digital scheduling solution: 

  • 24/7 appointment booking with reminder emails/texts to customers
  • Robust appointment management to easily identify customers, their history and repair requirements, and outstanding recalls 
  • A powerful CRM built for dealers to bring customers back for service 

Plus, it includes our new Mobile Check-in solution that allows customers to safely check-in for their service appointment via their mobile phone. 

Can you tell us more about Mobile Check-In and how it enhances the new Experience offering?  

Alan Fong: Our new Mobile Check-in application is not just a button that says “I’m here” at the dealership. It’s an app-like experience on the customer’s phone, where they can:

  • Confirm their appointment, view and select previously declined service work, and view recall notifications – providing potential service revenue for the dealership
  • Complete the check-in process digitally from their phone, which notifies the service advisor – ensuring a truly touchless experience 
  • Get details as to where they can safely leave their vehicle and drop off their keys

This entire process is simple for users because we’ve hidden all the complexity in the backend of our software. Mobile Check-In is fully integrated with the Dealer-FX platform and all leading DMS providers.

How does Experience enhance the customer service journey at a dealership?

Alan Fong: Customers now expect a fully comprehensive, personalized experience during the service process. There are a few key points that we’ve heard about customer expectations by listening with our dealers:

  • Their customers expect the service process to be hassle-free 
  • They also want transparency to know ahead of time how much they will be paying for their service
  • They want the solution to be simple and easy to use, anytime, anywhere from their mobile phone

The Experience platform was designed from the ground up to solve these problems and like any good product development team, we are listening to our customers and our customers’ customers. We can then work together as partners to continually evolve and improve together.

Experience integrates with leading DMS providers, ensuring seamless and consistent customer and vehicle information. How does this integration help dealers?

Alan Fong: I believe that the service process of the future will be a data-driven service model. With Experience, dealers have integrated data at their fingertips that will drive their service business in this new and challenging business environment. Our comprehensive DMS integrations are connected to the Dealer-FX data platform providing customer profiles, vehicle data, service history and more. 

The Experience solution utilizes all of this data to clarify communications between the dealership and customer to ensure a holistic view of the customer and their vehicle information, giving a seamless, transparent, and efficient user experience.

Experience helps dealers adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Can you please explain how this works and how it can help dealers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Alan Fong: Every workflow within Experience has been designed to streamline the service process for both the dealership and its customers. We had already started development on this solution before COVID-19, but decided to accelerate our launch when the pandemic hit so that service departments had a truly contactless solution. Experience helps dealership navigate COVID-19 by:

  1. Managing appointments to control traffic flow 
  2. Providing dealers with ways to add COVID-19 messaging and processes to appointment reminders to show customers that they are taking steps to provide a safe service experience. 
  3. Allowing availability limits to enforce social distancing
  4. Providing the ability to customize transportation options, add new pick-up and delivery options and promote safe, clean rental or loaner vehicles. 
  5. Enabling dealership employees to schedule appointments remotely if they are working from home 
  6. Offering a ‘no-touch’ check-in process for a safe, socially-distant drop-off experience
  7. Providing quick and easy COVID-19 templates so they can send updates to their customers via text and email 

Experience protects the dealership staff and the customer, allowing the dealership to continue to provide the best service while maintaining everyone’s wellbeing.

Experience offers everything your dealership needs to manage appointments, grow your service business, and create happy, loyal customers.

Alan Fong

Alan brings over twenty years of technology leadership and execution experience. 

Alan and his team create product value by understanding customer challenges, then building technology solutions that lead to improved business outcomes and hyper-growth. 

Click here for Alan’s complete bio.

Digital MPI lets your Service Advisors visually communicate inspection results, safety concerns and price estimates to your customer’s mobile phone. Customers can review and approve  Technician recommendations from the comfort and safety of their home.

Digital MPI from Dealer-FX

Benefits of Digital MPI: 

  • Text customers results of MPI and recommendations
  • Customers have a no-touch approval process
  • Automated notifications between Advisor, Technician, Parts and customer
  • Internal notification of approved work

Learn more about ONE Platform and how it can help your dealership navigate COVID-19

During this challenging time, you can be confident that Dealer-FX will continue to deliver the support and commitment you have come to expect. Keeping the safety of your customers and employees top of mind, ONE Platform offers many tools that provide a safe, no-touch service experience.

Recently, Dealer-FX CEO, Bill Lucchini, sat down with CBT News to discuss what he is currently seeing in the automotive market, and how Dealer-FX has responded since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair also tackle how Dealer-FX is helping dealers as they re-open for business.

Watch now!

What’s New

Experience by Dealer-FX

Everything you need to manage appointments, grow your service business, and create happy, loyal customers.

Experience makes appointment scheduling and service check-in easy for the vehicle owner while making appointment management and customer communication simple for the dealership. It has been specifically designed with social distancing in mind.


Monitor and manage the progress of every vehicle at every stage of service while helping to promote social distancing amongst your employees. Service Dashboard allows Parts Clerks, Technicians, and Advisors to visually communicate actions required and vehicles that need attention – all with limited employee interaction.

Service Dashboard allows you to: 

  • Effortlessly communicate with the Parts Department using Parts Indicator Flags
  • Quickly and efficiently communicate actions required on vehicles that need attention with Shop Indicator Flags
  • Automate vehicle status messages for your employees and customers with Dealer Messenger
  • Manage all business from the safety and convenience of your office or if quarantined at home

Learn more about ONE Platform and how it can help your dealership navigate COVID-19

During this challenging time, you can be confident that Dealer-FX will continue to deliver the support and commitment you have come to expect. Keeping the safety of your customers and employees top of mind, ONE Platform offers many tools that provide a safe, no-touch service experience.

Essential Tools to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience During and Post COVID-19.

Dealer-FX, the digital transformation and customer experience management leader for automotive retailers and OEMs, announced the launch of Experience today, a new offering that makes appointment scheduling and service check-in easy for the vehicle owner while making appointment management and customer communication simple for the dealership. The solution, specifically designed for the “new normal” of social distancing is being offered to dealers at no charge for the first three months to help alleviate some of the financial burdens COVID-19 has had on them.  

“We’re very excited to launch Experience. This solution provides the essential tools every dealership needs to truly deliver an exceptional service experience,” said Dealer-FX CEO, Bill Lucchini. “Consumer expectations have changed and will remain changed, long after COVID-19. Experience gives dealerships the tools they need now to acclimate to this new reality,” said Lucchini.  

Experience’s products work collaboratively to modernize the appointment experience at every touchpoint and increase customer satisfaction. First, it provides a simple and convenient way for customers to schedule appointments and for dealerships to manage – at-a-glance – appointment availability and transportation options. Next, contactless check-in offers customers the ability to complete their service check-in using their mobile device, including the option to select additional services and provide a digital signature for approval. Finally, Experience delivers effective text, email and call outreach designed to keep customers coming back for service, helping dealers build long-term retention and grow fixed operations revenue. 

Experience integrates with leading DMS providers, ensuring seamless and consistent customer and vehicle information. Additionally, robust reporting and analytics provide insight into short and long-term trends that affect dealerships’ retention and profitability. Experience runs on the Dealer-FX ONE Platform, allowing dealerships to easily upgrade the solution with tools to automate the end-to-end workflow of their service operations.

To complement Experience, dealers can also receive expert services for marketing and BDC training, all designed to help drive growth, retention, and efficiency for their BDC and service lane operations. 

A Fixed Ops Guide to Beating COVID-19

When times are tough, resilient dealers rely on fixed operations to get them through. It’s a fundamental precept of our business and one we all know well. Through war, terrorist attack and market collapse, fixed ops has kept the lights on and the automotive industry thriving.

But this is different. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we’re facing an invisible enemy that’s causing the world and the automotive industry tremendous uncertainty. Ask any dealer, manager, or employee what their biggest worry is (next to health and safety) and you will likely hear them reflect on the anxiety of the unknown. Many are asking, “What am I going to do to prepare myself, my coworkers and my dealership to survive this crisis? How should I prepare for the days, weeks and months ahead?”

Right now, it’s not about success — but rather survival. Dealers want to stay open; service and parts personnel want to protect their health and their jobs, and customers are concerned with their safety and being able to provide for their families.

Download the Fixed Ops Guide

This guide was developed using best practices and practical applications from a group of professionals with over a century of experience in the retail automotive space.

The guide will go into detail about how to develop and implement specific initiatives.

  • Leadership Best Practices
  • Fixed Ops COVID-19 Checklists
  • Ideas to Build Service Revenue Right Now

BE FIRST to implement new thinking and develop a game plan to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.

BE BOLD and think to the future.

Automotive News

Be Bold and Think to the Future:

Gary Kalk, Founder & Executive Chairman of Dealer-FX, shares his perspective with Automotive News on what dealers need to do to beat COVID-19. Read more