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Toyota South Atlanta

Toyota South Atlanta is a family-owned and operated dealership that has won the Consumers Choice Award for seven years in a row! They believe in making great customer service a priority and it’s paying off in the service lane. 


Toyota South Atlanta

Since adopting the Toyota Service Technologies Program in early 2018, they have seen significant improvement in Customer Pay Revenue and CSI/Service Retention scores. 

From the Dealership

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years now – the last 15 years with Toyota. We partnered with Dealer-FX early on because they shared the same experiential philosophy as us. 

We wanted an end-to-end solution that enhanced the guest experience, delivered efficiency, transparency and shortened our overall cycle/wait times. Reducing cycle/wait times is a high priority for us as this is the #1 reason why guests defect or don’t purchase services. “

“Dealer-FX has created a great system with frictionless integrations, a robust walk-around, and a simple, modern way to communicate with our guests.”

“Since adopting the TST program, we have seen our ELR increase, our overall dollars per RO increase and our CSI/Service retention scores improve. Dealer-FX’s field support has really been instrumental in bringing the Toyota Service Technologies program to life for our dealership!”

Rich Mahon, Vice President/General Manager
Toyota South Atlanta, Morrow, GA

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Get in touch with us today and learn how the Toyota Service Technologies program from Dealer-FX can benefit your dealership: 1-877-493-0039 | sales@dealer-fx.com 

About the Dealership

South Dade Toyota is owned by two families that have been in the automotive industry for over 85 years and three generations. They treat employees and customers like they are part of their extended family.


South Dade’s high utilization of the Toyota Service Technologies program has helped them achieve 48% Maintenance Penetration, leading to an increase in dollars per RO and overall Parts and Labor revenue.

From the Dealership

“The Toyota Service Technologies program from Dealer-FX is a great tool that allowed us to see the effectiveness of our process by time-stamping every step. The reporting provided all of the information we needed to improve.”

“For our dealership, Digital MPI has been a huge benefit. Now, we can access all MPIs and run reports to better understand the details about what was sold or deferred. The data that we collect can also be used to coach our technicians and ASMs.

Our CP sales are up and we have been able to improve our key products penetration (Tires, Brakes, Filters, Wipers and Batteries), which not only helps us increase dollars per RO, but also customer retention.  

With Dealer-FX, we finally obtained one solution suite for all the processes in the department including Meet and Greet, Write-up, MPI, Active Delivery and BDC follow-up. I would definitely recommend Dealer-FX to a peer!” 

Juan Millan, Service Director
South Dade Toyota, Homestead, FL 

Get in touch with us today and learn how the Toyota Service Technologies Program from Dealer-FX can benefit your dealership: 1-877-493-0039

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About the Dealership

Toyota of Wausau has earned the Toyota President’s Award for the last eight years, proving they have a passion for providing excellent service. This, coupled with their support of local charities, has made them a fixture in their Wisconsin community. 


Since launching in Q2 2018, they have achieved high utilization across all applications in the Toyota Service Technologies program. This has allowed them to make impressive leaps in several categories.

“It is a great tool to track the vehicle through the entire repair process, follow-up with customers as their vehicle is being repaired, notify customers when they are coming up on the next service or even to remind customers the repairs or maintenance which they decided not to do is still needed. With the Toyota Service Technologies program, our guests feel more engaged during the check-in process. “

“The biggest benefit of the TST program is the return on our investment. Our CP ELR has increased by approximately $12.00/hour since the implementation of the program with Dealer-FX. In addition, training new ASMs has never been easier.  They now only have to walk through the system, which they are very comfortable doing. In-Dealership Support is key to the success of the program. Consistent and frequent training, retraining and motivation to use the tool properly are necessary for a successful operation.”

“Dealer-FX is a game-changer, however, you must be ready and open to change the way that you do business for it to be a successful tool.”

Tyler Svoke, Service Manager
Toyota of Wausau, Wausau, WI

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What’s Next?

We drive the digital transformation of dealerships with the only end-to-end platform that gives your employees the tools they need to satisfy customers while driving higher revenue and profits. 

Imagine knowing exactly what a customer needs – and how to present it to them – before they even get out of their car.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not. In fact, this recent Automotive News article shows just how real it is – and then some. Written by Alex Kwanten, the post illustrates how vehicle scanners, data, and collaboration between Dealer-FX and Tire Profiles helped meet the RO revenue and customer service needs of Magic Toyota in Washington.

It’s a great example of the practical integration of data in an automotive retail setting – and a healthy preview for what Dealer-FX has coming at NADA 2019.  


  • Boost in ROs from 2,000 to 4,500 – without adding staff
  • Reduction of check-in times by three to four minutes
  • Drop in service times by around 18 minutes

Click here to learn more about how Magic Toyota redesigned their service drive – and their fixed ops business – with the addition of technology and integrated data.