Part One: A Disruptive Transformation, and a Golden Opportunity Automotive retailers and service professionals face a disruptive transformation. Indeed, while the business of selling and servicing cars seems to be moving at the pace of “business as usual,” around the bend lies one of the most challenging times since the 2009 recession. Consider: Today’s downshifting […]

Clear, personalized and timely communication delivered across the right channel is key to delivering a great experience. They want you to remember their name. And it also wouldn’t hurt to know why they’re standing in your service drive, awaiting an advisor to check them in. Today’s customers want you to know as much as is […]

How Transparency and “Right-time” Expectations are Impacting Dealership Service Departments It’s a need-to-know world. And people need to know when – right down to the minute. Driven in part by busy, complicated lives, consumers are flocking to on-demand services: according to Boston Retail Partners and the National Retail Federation, over half of global retailers currently […]

The year 2020 is coming. Are you ready for a technology-enabled world of service, with new customer expectations? In the car business? Put your seatbelt on. And while you’re at it hang on tight to the steering wheel, because the road between today’s reality and the likely future is sure to be a wild and […]