The service journey can be fast-paced and complicated. One missed appointment, a broken promise time or confused communication can lead to missed steps and a poor customer experience.

The pace of service retail in this digital-driven and on-demand market places a premium on efficiency and creates a need to build an automated monitoring, communication, and reporting technology. If you’re researching service dashboard-like solutions, make sure you start with these questions:

Service Dashboard: Dealer-FX

#1. How Does it Help My Daily Service Operation?

Service Dashboard enables managers to quickly track the progress of every vehicle through the shop, from before write-up to delivery. Advisors don’t spend time filling out route sheets because it’s automated, and service managers can quickly see all shop activity at all times. It also streamlines communication. For example, Advisors, technicians, managers and parts clerks can easily connect from their workstations. Automatically see the day’s appointments including transportation options and unfinished carry over work. View an up-to-the-minute timeline of the service process, with timestamps marking the completion of each step for every vehicle.


#2. How Does Service Dashboard Track Communication and Information?

All internal and customer communications are associated with a VIN, so the tool maintains a complete record of every message, recommendation, and response. In other words, “Who said what” is never in question. Send and receive texts with customers and department employees, keeping a VIN-level record of all communication in an easily accessible journal. Access the entire vehicle history with every document associated with a VIN, including pre-writes, menus, inspection results and ROs from prior work.

Service Dashboard: Dealer-FX

#3. Does it Help Identify Problem Cars and Broken Promise Times?

Yes. The Service Dashboard has an “Opportunities” tab that allows users to identify potentially problematic vehicles, including those falling behind the required timeline. It also highlights missed appointments, vehicles ready for delivery, those not delivered and more, including alerting employees when promise time and quarter-time targets are at risk.

Special Feature:  How does Service Dashboard help connect with customers?

Service Dashboard lets dealerships inform customers exactly where their vehicle is in the service process.  It also enables dealers to consistently meet that expectation. Service dashboard can also send technician recommendations to customers, and handles invoices and receive payments.

How Can Dealer-FX Help?

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