What happens when you give service employees multiple layers of valuable information — right at their fingertips — and right when they need it?

Great service happens.

Simply put, providing usable information about customer and vehicle usually results in accurate estimates that include parts availability, complete jobs, and improved department efficiency. That makes for a shop that specializes in happy customers and a healthy bottom line. Making that happen is at the core of what Technician Inspection software does. So if you’re researching digital multi-point inspection technology solutions, make sure you start with these three questions:

#1. How Does Technician Inspection Help Service Department Employees Work More Efficiently?  

Technician Inspection helps to speed the service process by putting all required data in one place, such as customer concerns, reported vehicle condition from the walk-around, service history, prior MPI inspections, current approved services and service advisor notes. When technicians, advisors and parts employees get the data they need at the right time, it improves morale and efficiency. For example, the right data helps parts employees generate accurate quotes, which advisors use for faster, more accurate estimates – and results in expanded labor hours.

#2. What are Some of the Tangible Benefits of Technician Inspection?

Because it provides more vital customer and vehicle information at the right time and place, Technician Inspection can improve fixed first-visit rates. Technician Inspection connects seamlessly back into the Service Dashboard which improves internal communication with real-time messaging between advisors, the parts department, and other service employees. And with an electronic MPI report that can be printed or texted to the customer, upsell opportunities grow — as does credibility and professionalism.  

#3. How Does Technician Inspection Improve Customer Experience?


Transparency, convenience, and accuracy are the keys to happy customers. That’s what Technician Inspection delivers, along with Digital MPI (DMPI). Both are instrumental in improving these three crucial requirements during the service process. By giving technicians multiple layers of customer data, it ensures that they have all the information they need to get the job done right, with precise estimates. Digital MPI provides transparent inspection results to the customer and allows them to review and approve recommendations on their mobile device. As a result of the connective benefits of Technician Inspection, it’s easier to resolve all customer concerns and provide them with a more complete view of estimates — for quicker approvals. That makes customers happy – and helps to deliver faster repair approvals.

Special Feature:  Try These Actions to Make the Most of Technician Inspection

If parts price and availability requests are made to the parts department electronically, it allows the technician to move on to another job while the request is being completed. That increases efficiency and reduces the potential to waste time waiting for availability.

How Can Dealer-FX Help?

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