The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is quickly approaching. It has always been the nerve center of digital innovation, but the show is quickly becoming one of the largest automotive shows in the world. Audi, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan are just some of the automakers that are exhibiting at CES this year. Here are some of the exciting topics that will be presented at CES 2020.

Connectivity: The Secret Sauce for Vehicle Automation

Automation in transportation has the potential to improve quality of life, reduce crashes and fatalities, and enhance the mobility and independence of millions. But with so many new entrants in the automated vehicle space, how do we ensure the safe introduction of the technology on our roads? Join the U.S. Department of Transportation and industry leaders as they discuss the intersection between connectivity and vehicle automation.

Partnerships Drive Innovation for Autonomous Vehicles

Designing, testing and manufacturing a new vehicle is expensive. CEOs don’t get to make many $3 billion bets. Some companies are seeking to minimize their risks by partnering with others. Hear why leading innovators are joining forces to develop autonomous vehicle solutions.

Vehicle Technology at CES

CES will put you in the center of the latest advancements in vehicle technology. See the latest and greatest on self-driving vehicles, concept cars, and connect vehicles.

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New Partnerships Drive the Future

As automakers prepare for the future of mobility, they are investing in and partnering with technology and mobility-focused startups. This allows them to rapidly to expand their knowledge, capability and expertise to remain relevant in an industry on the verge of massive transformation.

GM, Toyota, Hyundai, VW, Ford, and BMW have all recently partnered with startups to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry. According to Crunchbase News, the focus of these partnerships is on self-driving and electric vehicles, and ride-hailing services.

Future-Focused Automakers Partnering with Startups


Consumer Demand is Changing

How consumers interact with technology is impacting how manufacturers evolve their vehicles. Automakers are reimagining the interior of their vehicles to enhance the experience with larger built-in touch screens, smart features, immersive infotainment, and virtual assistants.

Kia, Audi and Honda are not only trying to meet today’s consumer demands but also endeavoring to anticipate the future needs of consumers.

New Ways to Interface with Cars


What’s Next?

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