About the Dealership

Based in Helena, MT, Robert Allen Nissan is a dealership that extremely customer-focused. With that approach in mind, they implemented a service lane solution that could exceed customer expectations.


Robert Allen Nissan has streamlined their processes and enhanced the experience for their customers since implementing the Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX in 2017. It has enabled them to achieve excellent results.

“Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX changed our entire scheduling process. Now, we are better at spacing out the day so we have a more consistent business and we don’t overbook ourselves as much as we used to. It has also changed our ability to easily present and ask for maintenance sales due to the maintenance menu. Plus, our Service Advisors are more engaged with our customers on the drive. The two main benefits to the Nissan SWS Program from Dealer-FX are:

  • Having the maintenance menu easily available for all makes and models is a huge benefit, it enhances the customer experience and has increased our Customer Pay sales. 
  • The technicians are able to stay in their bays. They spend less time walking around so they are more efficient.

I would absolutely recommend Dealer-FX to another Nissan dealer.”

Horald Mitten, Service Manager 
Robert Allen Nissan, Helena, MT

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