When looking for a technology solution capable of transforming every part of the department, Puyallup Nissan chose Dealer-FX and the platform has generated impressive results.

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Whether you are looking for electric cars, sports cars or something completely new, the Tokyo Motor show has it all.

This year, the theme of the Tokyo Motor Show is “OPEN FUTURE” – representing the endless possibilities that mobility will bring to the automotive industry. Here are some of the cars expected to debut at this year’s show.

2021 Toyota Mirai

The 2021 Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell car looks a lot more conventional – and a lot prettier than expected.

2020 Mazda e-TPV

Mazda confirmed that it will debut their first electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show – the Mazda e-TPV. It features a 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a rotary engine included as a range extender.

Nissan IMk concept

Nissan’s group of IM-branded concept vehicles will expand once again in Tokyo with the introduction of the IMk electric concept, which was shown off before the show looking like a Nissan Cube for a new generation. It’s a tall-but-small upright concept that should offer a serious amount of interior space.

Toyota LQ Concept

The LQ is effectively a facelift of the 2017 Concept-i, an all-electric, self-driving hatchback, with cosmetic changes inside and out. More significantly, though, the technology is upgraded to reflect advancements since its first appearance, with Level 4 autonomy and a realistic new personal assistant designed to create a bond between owner and machine.

Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept

Mitsubishi’s MI-Tech Concept will primarily serve as a preview of its next plug-in hybrid drivetrain, which swaps the traditional combustion engine for a gas turbine generator.

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What’s Next?

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Nourse Nissan proudly serves the Portsmouth, OH region. Nourse prides itself on delivering top-notch customer service with a personal dealership experience – from sales to service.


Nourse Nissan has been on the Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX since April of 2017. The solution has been integral to implementing a consistent service process in the service lane and has generated impressive results.

From the Dealership

“The Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX streamlined the appointment and write-up process for our dealership.

One of the biggest advantages of the system is the ability to quote services and parts accurately. Since the product integrates with our parts tape as well as decodes at a VIN level, we can provide accurate and timely prices and parts availability to customers. The greatest results we have seen have been in our Service BDC. With the system having a simple method of pricing by VIN, we can cut down on quote times and transferring calls to the advisors. The system is simple and accurate enough for a BDC to confidently answer customer questions. 

The in-dealership support from Dealer-FX is second to none. I wish all vendors were this great!”

Kevin Patterson, Director of Operations
Nourse Chillicothe Automall, Chillicothe, OH

What’s Next?

We drive the digital transformation of dealerships with the only end-to-end platform that gives your employees the tools they need to satisfy customers while driving higher revenue and profits. Get in touch with us to experience a LIVE DEMO today!