Tacoma Dodge opened in 2011 and has quickly become one of the largest dealerships in Washington State. They are one of 523 FCA dealerships to earn the prestigious 2019 Customer First Award for Excellence Certified by J.D. Power.


Tacoma Dodge has been on wiADVISOR since 2014 and upgraded to wiADVISOR 3.0 in December 2018. Since January of this year, they have seen a:

  • $87 increase in the average recommendation post inspection
  • $57 increase in the average additional service request (ASR)
  • 20% CP Revenue lift year over year wiADVISOR baseline

“Since deciding to take the leap into wiADVISOR 3.0 in December of 2018, our service department has finally found the one platform that can accomplish a complete service transaction from appointment all the way through follow-up.”

Eric Frost, Service Director
Tacoma Dodge, Tacoma, WA

“The largest benefit we have seen is the awareness it has created with our entire service team on the importance of the multi-point inspection, as it is now the center of the service transaction.” Being able to see previous recommendations and factory maintenance requirements in one place has significantly improved the quality of our multi-point inspection process.”

Eric Frost, Service Director
Tacoma Dodge, Tacoma, WA

“The reporting tools are also top notch, as they allow you to really be specific when reviewing performance with your team members, and generate a level of accountability not previously achievable.

Every step of a transaction can be measured, and accountability created for every member of our team. We can finally measure how long it takes to get a parts request processed, review our technician’s recommendations for content and accuracy before presenting it to a customer, and focus the efforts of our BDC.”

Eric Frost, Service Director
Tacoma Dodge, Tacoma, W

“Lastly, the in-dealership training team, either remotely or when onsite, are some of the most passionate professionals I have had the pleasure to work within my 22 years in the automotive industry. They truly care about our success and are as committed as I have ever met when it comes to helping work through a process challenge. I even received follow up on Saturday or Sunday, which means they really understand the retail business we are in.”

Eric Frost, Service Director
Tacoma Dodge, Tacoma, WA

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