Getting your customers’ attention requires presenting each one with the right offer at the right time via the right channel. Poorly timed and delivered messages generate low returns on your investment and diminish your brand. Our integrated, multi-channel delivery platform uses data from the DMS, OEM and the customer’s prior visits to ensure they receive the information they need to act.

No other platform leverages all the catalysts that help you reach your customers, whether a recall, declined service, new vehicle offer or just the need for maintenance.

More about Connect:
  • Enable dealer BDCs to utilize text, email and phone to drive effective outbound campaigns and customer communications with Customer Connect 3.0 Learn More
  • Reach your guests via the most effective marketing channels, including digital, social, BDC and targeted advertising
  • Target and connect with your guests using compelling graphics and messages to drive online and BDC scheduling volume
  • Utilize proven website images, targeted email campaigns, social media posts, enewsletters, and print campaigns to engage and convert
  • Performance reporting demonstrates the ROI of all campaigns
We ensure the success of every Connect dealership client with our Total Training & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.
“Dealer-FX’s social media team has helped our dealership build a strong and proactive social media presence. Our social sites are current, monitored and provide value to our customers, and even potential customers.”
– Dan Buckler, General Manager
JBA Chevrolet