Convenient Digital Multi-Point Inspection Tools

It can be frustrating to get time-sensitive approvals from customers. Use photo and text messaging to update customers on the status of their vehicle and faster approvals.

On-demand Results

Simplify inspections in order to improve efficiency and customer buy-in. By giving technicians a single interface for thorough inspections and to view customer concerns, you’ll eliminate sloppy, paper-based processes and include VIN-specific factory scheduled maintenance and dealer recommended services.

Multi-Point Inspections Simplified
A single interface to keep technicians up to speed

Give technicians multiple layers of customer data to ensure they have all the information they need to get the job done right, and as quickly as possible.
More about Inspect:
  • Get easy access to all history, customer concerns and advisor notes by VIN
  • Email and print detailed Electronic Vehicle Inspect Reports
  • Provide estimates that include parts availability
  • Get real-time messaging between advisors, the parts department, and other technicians


Digital MPI lets your Service Advisors visually communicate technician recommendations, safety concerns and price estimates to your customer’s mobile phone.

More about Digital MPI:
  • Text and email alerts ensure time-sensitive approvals get attention 
  • No more phone tag and long messages 
  • No need to take the vehicle out of the bay while waiting for an approval
  • Less waiting, higher throughput, faster delivery, improved capacity and increased profits
Digital MPI
We ensure the success of every Inspect dealership client with our Total Process Consulting & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.
Inspect the tool that helps your technicians find incremental revenue.
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