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    Dealer-FX Mobile Check-In

Today’s consumers want to service their vehicle on their own terms. Providing simple, digital applications to enhance the service experience at your dealership drives long-term loyalty and increases service revenue.

The Power of Mobile

Mobile Check-In offers a ‘contactless’ check-in process. With social distancing at the forefront, customers can now check in and sign for service using their mobile device, allowing for a safe, physically-distant drop-off experience.  Mobile Check-In is a safer alternative to kiosk solutions or face-to-face check-in. It makes it easy and convenient to do business with you.

Give customers peace of mind when they visit your dealership to service their vehicle. Combined with other ‘no-touch’ tools in the ONE Platform suite – text messaging, digital multi-point inspection, internal dealership messaging – Dealer-FX offers the tools your team needs to provide an efficient and effective service operation.


Dealer-FX Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In is fully integrated with Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform and your DMS, so there are no “other systems” to maintain.

More about Mobile Check-In:
  • Customers can remotely check in for service, allowing for a quick and contactless drop-off 
  • Offers full write-up capabilities, including a digital signature for approval 
  • Ability to add factory-required maintenance to the appointment, which can increase dollars per repair order
  • Allows Service Advisors to focus on customers that require additional assistance
  • Increases $/RO and FRM $ sold from customers “up-selling” themselves
  • Improves customer satisfaction & increases dealership CSI
  • Customers can easily select their language preference – English or French
We ensure the success of every Check-in dealership client with our Total Process Consulting & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.

Check-In today to experience a whole new level of service.
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