Delivering a consistently transparent and delightful experience is the best customer retention method available. Yet because the next service is typically months down the road, we provide timely, compelling invitations and reminders across whatever channels your customers prefer.

Whether it’s at home or at the office, get in front of your customer with relevant, targeted and well-timed messages. You’re not just bringing them back to your service department. You’re building a relationship for life.

More about Retain:
  • Reconnect with your customers via digital, social, BDC and service marketing channels
  • Use our BDC tool to generate target lists for overdue services, declined services and more
  • Have your data segmented into manageable and measurable groups
  • Drive guest service retention and repurchase loyalty to new heights
  • Targeted and customized design as well as personalized retention messages for each customer segment
  • Deployment of personalized sales thank you and service welcome messages electronically or via direct mail
  • Professionally designed print and digital communication
  • Programmatic timely communications to remind customers to visit your dealership in advance of their next scheduled service visit
  • Identify and review reasons for customer defection and re-activate potentially lost customers
We ensure the success of every Retain dealership client with our Total Training & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.

The road to retention is just a click away.
“Using Dealer-FX and MICAR has proven time and time again to be successful. The team has great communication skills, backed by an awesome creative department. This fall’s marketing promotion resulted in 70 CP OP codes, generating $15,576 in parts and labor sales.”
– Jimmy Finney, Service Manager
Rouge Valley Mitsubishi