Getting your customer into the service lane is no easy task. You need to give them a simple and convenient way to schedule an appointment. With our Online Service Scheduler and Appointment Ledger, you’ll increase your online bookings and better manage the flow and efficiency of your shop. Not all schedulers are created equal and it’s important to have one that saves you time and also integrates with every dealer system and customer touchpoint.

The Online Service Scheduler beats the competition with faster and more robust data that gives consumers flexibility and transparency, including providing anticipated costs.

The Appointment Ledger similarly enables dealership service advisors and managers to seamlessly review and pull up appointments on the drive to identify customers, their history, repair requirements including recalls, and more. This flexible tool, in conjunction with the Online Service Scheduler, is the gold standard in scheduling and is an important solution within the integrated platform.

More about Schedule:
Online Service Scheduler features include:
  • An intuitive design that increases service appointment volume
  • A user-friendly interface that simplifies dealership workflow management
  • Advanced BDC and outbound campaign capabilities
  • An ability to book service appointments 24/7 via online and BDC scheduling
  • An ability to book appointments based on time slots/dates/advisors available (as designated by the dealership)
  • An ability to see VIN-driven factory required and dealer recommended service menus
  • Appointment confirmation and reminder emails for customer convenience
Appointment Ledger features include:
  • An ability to manage traffic flow on the service lane, eliminating rush and lull periods
  • A simple follow-up process for scheduled and missed appointments
  • An ability to track Special Order Parts and come-back customers
  • A simple solution to manage and track all service leads
We ensure the success of every Schedule dealership client with our Total Training & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.
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“Since implementing Lexus Integrated Service Technology, we’ve seen an increase in our online appointments by 25% and our factory recommended maintenance by 18%.”
– Edward Vale, Service Manager
Woodfield Lexus