About the Dealership

Bellingham Nissan believes in building a strong community by supporting local charities in the Bellingham, WA area. Before going live on the Nissan SWS Program from Dealer-FX, they were using paper forms and their DMS. 



Since launching on the program, Bellingham Nissan has seen an increase across all KPIs, including 41% Maintenance Penetration, which has translated into an increase in Parts and Service revenue. 

From the Dealership

The Nissan SWS Program from Dealer-FX has changed our service process by giving us the technology to communicate with modern-day consumers and provide a truly digital service experience.”

“The largest benefit to our dealership has been using the Digital MPI application to cut down phone calls by adapting our communication methods and texting customers instead. As well, the in-dealership support has been hands down one of the best from a third party I have seen. Phone calls and issues are handled promptly by the Dealer-FX Team!

I would absolutely recommend Dealer-FX to my peers. The Nissan SWS Program from Dealer-FX is a required tool to handle the ever-changing automotive market.”

Nick Poirier, Service Manager
Bellingham Nissa, Bellingham, WA

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