BDC Evaluation:
The cure for performance anxiety.

How expert analysis and recommendations sets any BDC up for success.

Performance reviews. For employees, they’re a common practice to recognize exceptional – or lacking – performance. Yet when it comes to a business development center (BDC), many dealerships never conduct a BDC evaluation. Many have no idea how their BDC performs, what needs fixing or how to go about it. They simply turn a blind eye, or worse, shut it down. The smart alternative? A comprehensive – and complementary – BDC evaluation by experienced professionals.

Dysfunctional BDCs

The pros and cons of having a business development center have been debated by automotive fixed operations professionals for decades. A BDC is designed to support marketing functions and inspires dealership visits by communicating a sense of ease, trust or urgency as the situation demands. However, the average dealer spends approximately $64,000 a month to drive traffic, but only a fraction of that answering and following up the calls their marketing generates. This misalignment of resources leads to frustrating results and serious cost concerns. For this reason – and more – a dysfunctional BDC can be worse than not having one at all.

Achieving BDC success takes experience

Evaluating and improving high performance BDCs may seem easy, but experience across the automotive universe suggests otherwise. Many dealership managers simply do not have the knowledge – or the time – to fully grasp the essentials to BDC success. They mistakenly believe that a BDC is little more than a room full of people armed with computers, phones and headsets. What’s more, a BDC involves hiring additional customer-facing employees which is disruptive and challenges legacy behaviors. The sheer number of moving parts can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned automotive retailer.

Blueprint BDC Evaluations are comprehensive, targeted, and best of all, complimentary.

What to do if your BDC isn’t working

Shuttering your BDC operation isn’t the answer. A comprehensive BDC evaluation is. “Sadly, most dealerships don’t realize that they need – or should – conduct an evaluation. Nor do many BDC consultants even offer it as a service. That’s where we’re different,” says Steve Miner, General Manager of Blueprint, a division of Dealer-FX. The Blueprint team takes 7-to-10 days to present a comprehensive solution covering 5 Key Impact Areas: Calls & Phone System, KPI Reporting, Surveys, Scheduling Tool Review and Pay Plans. “Process evaluations of this quality typically runs $2,000 or more. The Blueprint BDC Evaluation? It’s complimentary. We believe truly customized solutions can only come from in depth BDC evaluation – and cost shouldn’t be a deterrent.”

Unleash BDC Performance

The best way to unleash the potential of your BDC is having a view that’s in-depth enough to uncover the problems, but also detached enough to see the full opportunity of correcting them. Conducting a deep dive BDC evaluation with a proven expert whose recommendations provide a customized solution to address your specific challenges is the best way to put an end to BDC performance anxiety.

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