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Premium Fixed Ops Solutions:

Innovative. Integrated. Complete.


Premium Fixed Ops Solutions:

Innovative. Integrated. Complete.


Introducing dramatic NEW enhancements to ONE Platform service lane software!

The best service lane software solution in the industry continues to get better! New advancements to ONE Platform now transform your daily operations
by streamlining workflows, easing decision-making and empowering
staff expertise. All designed to grow & adapt with your dealership.

  • An intuitive graphic interface with start-to-finish tracking
  • Centralized command center hosting all critical functions

  • Reduced repetitive clicks, manual steps & duplicate data-entry

  • Superior DMS integration with bi-directional data flow

  • Digital MPI with customizable templates & expanded media
  • Responsive design across desktop, tablet, or mobile


Dealer-FX Advantage:
Your integrated 360° service lane software solution.

System illustration representing ONE Platform service lane software

ONE Platform Software

The one true end-to-end service lane software, covering the entire customer journey, from scheduling to check-out to CRM.

Illustration representing support & training for service lane software

Support & Training

With 70+ Fixed Operations Consultants in the field, a dedicated expert is always just a simple call, email or text away.

Customer retention illustration, complementing service lane software

Customer Retention

Complementary programs proven to improve customer experience and long-term retention: Blueprint BDC Consulting and Total Service Marketing.

Illustration representing Mitchell 1 integration for service lane software

Mitchell 1 ProDemand

Empower technicians with
Mitchell 1 ProDemand, the premier repair information, diagnostic and estimating online resource.

Illustration representing EPC 5 integration for service lane software

Electronic Parts Catalog

Electronic Parts Catalog offers unmatched parts information to manage inventory, order fluidly & quicken cycle times.

Illustration representing Snap-on ownership of service lane software

Snap-on Ownership

The most profound and lasting legacy of innovation in automotive fuels consistent new development of features and functionality.

ONE Platform, the Dealer-FX core service lane software solution.

The one true end-to-end process
efficiency software solution.

ONE Platform is premium, fully integrated, end-to-end service lane software that links all your data and all your people to digitally guide every customer’s entire service experience – from initial scheduling to final check-out.

Furthermore, enhanced digital tools consistently innovate to elevate your department’s connectivity and collaboration to create happy customers. The result? Higher quality outcomes that drive long-term retention and revenues.

Strategic value-adds, like exclusive Snap-on Electronic Parts Catalog 5 and Mitchell 1 ProDemand, make ONE Platform even more feature-rich. Moreover, it’s backed by over 70 Fixed Operations Consultants in the field, we’re always accessible to ensure consistent ROI.

The full story
ONE Platform, the Dealer-FX core service lane software features

Proven customer retention programs
that drive repeat sales and service business.

Total Service Marketing, a complementary service to Dealer-FX service lane software

Total Service Marketing logo, complementary program to service lane software

Generate perfectly timed, highly personalized communication campaigns. All proactively managed by a team of digital marketing experts and custom design studio.

Blueprint BDC, a complementary service to Dealer-FX service lane software

Blueprint BDC Consulting, complementary program to service lane software

BDC Consulting & Training
Build. Maximize. Maintain. From Recruitment to Sales to Service, we optimize personnel, processes and technology to close more appointments.

Snap-on 100 year logo, owners of service lane software

Two industry leaders.
One commitment to innovation

Dealer-FX is a valued member of the Snap-on family of brands. whose culture of innovation dates back over 100 years.

Unlike our competitors, alignment with Snap-on accelerates our ability to continually launch new service lane software advancements. It’s visible in our expanding ONE Platform value-proposition. It’s reflected in the trust of OEMs and thousands of dealerships. It’s supported by unrivalled expertise and financial strength.

Accordingly, only Dealer-FX offers exclusive integration with Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC5) and Mitchell 1 ProDemand, essential tools preferred by over 50,000 dealers worldwide.

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I am the Service Manager at Lawley CDJR in Sierra Vista, AZ. A few months back I started the process of getting WiAdvisor going for my service team and I have been pleasantly surprised with how smooth of a transition it has been. The onboarding team has been spectacular.

I was fortunate enough to be linked up with Joel Benjamine and Vichi To as our Process Consultants and they have blown us away.

Richie Allen
Excellent tool for service and even better support!

This team will go the extra mile to make things happen and they have a fabulous marketing department!

Juan Millan

I have been working with WiAdvisor for years now and let me tell you it definitely makes the shop flow much easier to manage.

I’ve worked with Tony Novack specifically, for 6 years now him and his team are always there to support us in any way we need. Amazing working with them!

Jose Gomez

Dealer-FX is a great company to work alongside with. The staff is very responsive and helpful.

Henry Bacon

Dealer-FX is a game changer for the automotive industry. Not only is the workspace user friendly but it also provides the needed transparency to our customers.

Dealer-FX meets and exceeds my expectations. Lastly- the trainers and support team are hands down the best ever. Thank you to Matt Wilde, Eric Wright, Stephen Brown and all others.

Jessica Bier

What a fantastic experience, Dealer-Fx is next level software that helps keep all the pieces moving in the service and parts department. Not only is the software fantastic, the training staff and all dealer-fx staff is second to none.

They are top shelf and always make sure the setup process is smooth and flawless. Vichi and Alex are both great with communication and always answered every questions our team had.

Overall the experience was amazing and if I could give this team, especially the trainers a 10 star review I 100% would do that. Keep up the great work guys and I can’t wait to see what dealer-fx comes out with next.

Jon Misir

I use dealer-FX Workspace daily, makes up selling scheduled maintenance 10 times easier, it can actually show on the paycheck, highly recommend for any repair facility that’s large enough to support it.

Shane Holly

The most complete
& comprehensive service
lane software solution.

Dealer-FX Advantage wheel image, featuring service lane software

Fixed ops expertise focused on your success. Starting now.

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