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It’s no secret that we live in a mobile-first world. Banking. Shopping. Travel. Today’s customer expects ease, convenience and transparency in virtually every aspect of their daily lives. Appointment booking and check-in are the first touchpoints in the customer service journey. It’s imperative to get the experience right.

Online Service Scheduler

Online Scheduler goes beyond date and time to provide each customer with added options that intuitively enhance the booking process.

Customer Benefits

  • Optimized design for mobile devices
  • Login with Facebook, Google, Apple, email, phone number or VIN
  • Customers can select date/time, preferred Advisor, and indicate courtesy transportation needs
  • Anticipated cost are available during booking
  • Generate a maintenance menu roadmap
  • Outstanding recalls with long descriptions can be easily added
  • Integrated appointment reminder emails/text to help increase service appointment volume and attendance

Dealership Benefits

  • 20% increase in online appointments
  • Reduction in customer abandonment rate
  • Personalize with your dealership logo
  • Tailor which recommended services appear
  • Customizable options to suite unique dealer needs
  • Display banners with custom messages and add clickable links to transportation options

*Source: Importance of Online Scheduling

Uninterrupted Repair Order Process

An efficient team needs technology that reduces frustrating duplicative steps. A new interface centralizes all critical functions in one place. Every aspect can be tracked from start to finish, eliminating excessive intra-app clicking and duplicate data entry for uninterrupted workflow.

Enhanced DMS Integrations

Seamlessly connect with leading technologies, including integrations with over 20 different DMS providers. Bi-directional data flow enables real-time updates to repair order data. Leverage Snap-on synergies with exclusive EPC 5 and Mitchell 1 ProDemand integrations.

Mobile Check-in

We’re living in “I need it now” world. Waiting is not an option for customers on-the-go. What’s more, dealership staff can spend a significant amount of time on check-in that could be spent improving the customer experience in other ways.

This contactless check-in process gives your customers the same kind of check-in experience they would have when checking in for a flight.

The message will include:

  • Appointment details
  • Ability to review selected services
  • Add Factory Recommended Services
  • Provide a digital signature for approval
  • Custom message from the dealership advising on parking

Once the Mobile Check-In is completed by the customer the Advisor will receive a notification within the Write-Up Dashboard.

**Source: Contactless Experiences

Web-based Document Management

Web-based document handling allows for easy access from any device. Responsive design ensures the information adapts to various screen sizes for a consistent experience. Need a printed copy? No problem. Move from digital to paper documentation with ease.



Mobile Check-In helps to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers, while streamlining your service department’s processes.

Tami Zurek, Service Director, Service Director
Eau Claire Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Eau Claire, WI

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