Dealer-FX - Fortellis Integration

Enhanced integration with CDK now available through Fortellis

What is Fortellis?

Fortellis is an open technology platform developed by CDK to reduce data exchange friction points for the automotive industry. Software providers, like Dealer-FX, can develop an integration which will result in data being automatically passed through Dealer-FX to CDK, eliminating double entry.

Why is Fortellis important?

The days of double data entry are over. Our new integration means everything an advisor does in Dealer-FX during check-in will now flow automatically into their CDK DMS. Employees spend less time bogged down in administrative systems and more time with customers generating profits.

What’s included for Dealer-FX customers?

CDK dealers now have the option to upgrade their DMS integration with Fortellis, though it’s not a requirement.

Key features of the Dealer-FX/Fortellis integration:

  • Pushes each individual line (Line Estimate) to the RO
  • Pushes TAG
  • Pushes mileage

How do you get started?
Just contact us below and we’ll walk you through the simple steps.