Dealer-FX Mobile Check-In

Innovative Solution Provides Dealers and Their Customers with a Safe and Contactless Check-in Alternative

Dealer-FX, the digital transformation and customer experience management leader for automotive retailers and OEMs, today announced the launch of Mobile Check-In, a contactless check-in application that enables physical distancing.  The application makes the safety of dealership employees and customers a top priority.

“We’re very excited to announce the launch of Mobile Check-In. We presented our roadmap for a self check-in tool at NADA this past February. Given how this pandemic has disrupted the automotive industry, our team has dedicated significant time and resources to expedite its launch,” said Dealer-FX CEO, Bill Lucchini. “COVID-19 has forced us all to think differently as to how we approach our day-to-day business and engage with our customers. Providing mobile check-in is just one way we can help our dealers adapt.”

Introducing Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In offers a ‘contactless’ check-in process. With social distancing at the forefront, customers can now check in and sign for service using their mobile device, allowing for a safe, physically-distant drop-off experience.  Mobile Check-In is a safer alternative to kiosk solutions or face-to-face check-in and is now available at no additional charge to current Dealer-FX customers.

Mobile Check-In is fully integrated with Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform and all leading DMS providers. Other benefits include: 

  • Customers can remotely check-in for service, allowing for a quick and contactless drop-off
  • Offers full write-up capabilities, including a digital signature for approval 
  • Ability to add factory-required or previously declined services to the appointment, which can increase dollars per repair order
  • Notifies the Service Advisor when the customer checks-in
  • Allows Service Advisors to focus on customers that require additional assistance


To help dealers effectively and efficiently continue to operate their service departments, Dealer-FX has also developed a number of initiatives that help address the specific concerns and needs surrounding COVID-19.

Financial Relief 

Dealer-FX customers will be provided with a 25% discount on monthly fees, for April and May 2020. As well, any discounts from 3rd party integration partners will be passed along to dealers. 

Free COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns
Dealer-FX has built a library of effective COVID-19 related Marketing campaigns which current dealers can enable through Customer Connect. The campaigns, along with any assistance needed for configuration or personalization, is provided free of charge.

New Learning Academy 

Dealer-FX has also launched its new Learning Academy, powered by SmarterU. The Learning Academy offers comprehensive and customizable courses for dealership employees to provide ongoing training and skill development. It also provides learner monitoring and reporting and is delivered in a media-rich, online elearning environment.

Moving Forward Webinar Series 

In addition to the new Learning Academy, Dealer-FX is launching a new webinar series, Moving Forward – How to Navigate COVID-19. Each webinar focuses on best practices and tips on how to effectively run service operations in a time of social distancing. Webinars are led by industry veterans and feature interviews with dealers from across North America who share their personal challenges and successes during this unprecedented time.

Keeping the safety and security of their customers and employees top of mind, Dealer-FX is committed to continuous innovation and dealer support as they strive to provide a safe, contactless, digital service experience.