Inspect is the most convenient multipoint inspection tool on the market today. It gives technicians a single interface to conduct thorough inspections and view all customer concerns, VIN-specific factory scheduled maintenance and dealer recommended services. Inspect eliminates sloppy, paper-based processes and increases efficiency and accuracy.
More about Inspect:
  • Delivers accurate multi-point inspection results from technicians to advisors, and to your customers
  • Gives technicians access to customer concerns from the Advisor write-up
  • Generates a report that can be printed, texted, or emailed to the customer
  • Uses text messaging to update customers and get rapid results
Digital MPI empowers your customers by giving them fully transparent inspection results, allowing them to review and approve their technician’s recommendations on their mobile device. It’s the most accurate, quick, and convenient way to get the approvals you need, to keep your technicians as efficient as possible.
Digital MPI features include:
  • Visually communicates recommendations, safety concerns, and price estimates on the customer’s mobile device
  • Ensures time-sensitive approvals get attention with text and email alerts
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We ensure the success of every Inspect dealership client with our Total Training & Support package, run by the best team in the industry. Learn why 99% of our customers are Very Satisfied with their experience here.

Inspect the tool that helps your technicians find incremental revenue.
“Since implementing Lexus Integrated Service Technology, we’ve seen a lift in our maintenance penetration from 55% to almost 80%.”
– Edward Vale, Service Manager
Woodfield Lexus