About the Dealership

Red Deer Mitsubishi aims to be the best service provider in the industry, aiming to exceed customer expectations for service, quality, and value. They also believe that when you treat people right, they will return. Their results prove that this philosophy is working.


Since migrating to the full MiCAR ONE Platform program, their Maintenance Penetration has almost doubled. They have also seen significant increases in Factory Required Services sold during appointment setting and check-in. 

From the Dealership

“The introduction of MiCAR ONE Platform has rekindled our relationship with the great staff at Dealer-FX! 

Adopting MiCAR ONE Platform empowered us to have the digital technology needed to deliver an exceptional retail experience and improve customer retention. At the same time, it has empowered our customers because they know exactly what services their vehicle requires. 

The program was launched in a systematic way to ensure enough time was provided for each team member to master each phase of the program. As with any launch, there were some initial hiccups. These, however, were quickly identified and resolved by a highly skilled and knowledgeable team.

We recently implemented the Service Dashboard which connects all stages of service and enables us to provide a completely digital and convenient experience to our customers. Our customers love how they can remotely view and respond to multipoint inspection results with the Digital MPI app.”

“Through actual experience and results, we have seen how the MiCAR program can benefit both our dealership and the customer. I would recommend the program to any Mitsubishi dealership.” 


Anthony Locke, Fixed Operations Manager 
Red Deer Mitsubishi, Red Deer, AB


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