Streamlined Processes Drive Productivity and Profitability for Jim Burke Nissan

About the Dealership

Jim Burke Nissan serves the Hoover and Tuscaloosa, AL region. They take great pride in enhancing the service experience. The NCAR Service program from Dealer-FX helps them deliver an exceptional digital service experience to every customer.

Ronald Toelken, Service Manager at Jim Burke Nissan, talks about their NCAR Service program and partnership with Dealer-FX

What is one of the integrations that you like and why?
One of the great things is the integration with Tire Profiles. We’ve got a unit the customer drives over as they come in the service lane. It does two things by the time the customer gets to the other side of the drive-in: They’ve got a text message with the results of their tire tread depth inspection and it directly communicates with Dealer-FX to the multi-point inspection. So the results are already there. We don’t have to rely on the technician doing it manually. It’s 100% done by the time they get the car.

Dealer-FX offers certified integrations with a number of partners to ensure a comprehensive, efficient, and integrated experience for your dealership and your customers.

How does Dealer-FX make your dealership more profitable?
One of the great things about it is the speed for the technicians. Everybody knows in a tech’s world, time is money. At the end of the day, when I can make them faster, profit is much better.

Have communications with your customers improved since you started working with Dealer-FX?
I would say it sets us apart from the rest because of the streamlined communication process. (Read our blog how dealerships can benefit from Dealer-FX’s communication tool)

How has the training and support from Dealer-FX been?
Another great thing about Dealer-FX is the support we get. All I’ve got to do is pick up the phone, call my local rep, and he’s here on the spot in no time.

What would you say to a dealer who is not using Dealer-FX?
If I was a dealer looking for a solution to help make my technicians faster and to help my profitability, I would definitely choose Dealer-FX.

A Consistent Check-in Process Equals Success

Since implementing the NCAR Service program with Dealer-FX in 2017, Jim Burke Nissan has generated impressive results in the service lane. Most notably, they’ve seen a 33% increase in dollars sold during check-in.

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