Post Inspection Recommendations Result In A 36% Increase In Additional Service Request Dollars Sold

About the Dealership Bellingham Nissan believes in building a strong community by supporting local charities in the Bellingham, WA area. Before going live on the Nissan SWS Program from Dealer-FX, they were using paper forms and their DMS.    Results Since launching on the program, Bellingham Nissan has seen an increase across all KPIs, including […]


Jim Burke Nissan Benefits From Consistent Processes And Powerful Reporting

Jim Burke Nissan has been utilizing the Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX since 2017 and Digital Marketing Services from Dealer-FX since 2018. With both of these programs in place, the dealership has generated impressive results in the service lane.


Bill Korum’s Puyallup Nissan Increases Customer Pay Revenue With Nissan SWS From Dealer-FX

  About the Dealership Billy Korum, GM at Bill Korum’s Puyallup Nissan, outside Seattle Washington, runs the dealership the way his father did since he acquired it in 1975. He believed in treating customers like family, and the entire staff still practices this philosophy. Results The challenge issued to Service Manager Justin Frady was to […]


Nourse Nissan Streamlined Processes and increased $ Per Repair Order with Nissan SWS From Dealer-FX

Nourse Nissan has been on the Nissan Service Workflow Suite from Dealer-FX since April of 2017. The solution has been integral to implementing a consistent service process in the service lane and has generated impressive results.

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