Is AI customer service the right strategy for dealerships?

Is AI customer service right for dealerships?Machine efficiency can be no match for the human touch. Artificial Intelligence. Unless you are currently residing under a rock, you’ve heard of it. One of the industries boasting the fastest adoption rates is customer service. No wonder. Modern customers ...


BDC Evaluation: The cure for performance anxiety.

BDC Evaluation: The cure for performance anxiety. How expert analysis and recommendations sets any BDC up for success. Performance reviews. For employees, they’re a common practice to recognize exceptional – or lacking – performance. Yet when it comes to a business development center (BDC), many dealerships ...


Service lane software: Only as good as the people behind it.

Service lane software: It's only as good as the people behind it. Why support and training is a critical purchase criteria. After months of leafing through promotional materials and digesting endless demos, you’ve finally selected an exciting new service lane software solution for your business. Hold ...


Part One: Creating a Best-Ever Service Experience for Today…and Tomorrow

A Disruptive Transformation, and a Golden Opportunity Automotive retailers and service professionals face a disruptive transformation. Indeed, while the business of selling and servicing cars seems to be moving at the pace of “business as usual,” around the bend lies one of the most challenging times since the 2009 recession. Consider: Today’s balky, downshifting market, […]

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