Personalized marketing: How to overcome challenges to win revenue & retention

Personalized marketing: How to overcome challenges to win revenue & retention. Personalized marketing is the buzzword of the day. For good reason. Ecommerce powerhouses like Amazon and Netflix exposed its virtues to a massive, pandemic-fueled online audience. It’s no longer a consumer wish – it’s now ...


Why recruiting is the #1 factor in BDC success.

Why recruiting is the #1 factor in BDC success. Collaboration with a BDC recruiting specialist makes all the difference.   Hiring the right people is the foundation of a high performing Business Development Center (BDC). What exactly defines these “right people”? Automotive know-how? Call center experience? ...


There’s no mystery to customer retention marketing.

There's no mystery to customer retention marketing.  The Lifecycle approach is the best way to build relationships. For most products, your relationship with the brand ends with the purchase. A new vehicle, however, requires regular maintenance, updates and more. Every purchase must be viewed as a ...


Hidden Benefits of Online Scheduling Software

Hidden Benefits of Online Scheduling Software Selecting the right fixed ops solution depends on understanding them. With stretched shop capacity, staffing issues, increased recalls and more, it's natural for Service Department Managers and Advisors to view appointment scheduling software as simply a mechanism to manage daily ...


Service Status Updates: Why Today’s Customer Craves Them

Service Status Updates: Why Today's Customer Craves Them Powerful emotions make this feature a fixed ops must-have. The fear of the unknown. It’s one of our most basic and primal emotions. Researchers define it as being afraid of something we have no information about or no ...


J.D. Power to Dealers: Go Digital with Service

Want customer satisfaction to go up? Go digital with your service communication and operations. That’s according to the recently published J.D. Power 2019 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study, which found that satisfaction scores tend to go up when dealership service departments use customer-preferred methods of communication.


Dealer-FX’s Greg Dryden To Host NADA 2019 Workshop: Service Department Effectiveness for the 21st Century

See how dealership service departments can improve efficiency and customer experience while increasing retention and profitability.

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